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  • Injection Based Procedures

    Interventional treatment protocols provide focused medicine to joints, nerve clusters, and soft tissue inflammation. Improved therapeutic response and pain relief.  
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation

    Physical therapy after surgery rebuilds strength and prevents future re-injury. Increase range of motion and stiffness with guided rehabilitation sessions.

  • Migraine Headache

    Instant relief with a simple nasal spray. Utilizing the new MiRx Protocol to provide long lasting relief. Treats Migraines, Tension Headaches, Cluster Headaches, and Trigeminial Neuralgia

  • Osteoarthritis

    Viscosupplementation injections into the joints help to improve stiffness, friction, and joint fluidity. Avoid having knee replacement surgery and protect the joint from continued damage.

  • Back Pain Treatments

    Eliminate back surgery, reduce inflammation of the discs and strengthen the surrounding muscles that protect the back. Chiropractic Adjustments, Spinal Decompression, and Massage.

  • Injury Care

    Physical therapy, pain relief, and rehabilitation for all types of musculoskeletal injuries. Specializing in work place injury and auto injury.

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    Most insurances are accepted.  Same day appointments are available.

Morsay Medical Pain Management - The Non-Surgical Difference

morsaymedicallocationSince 1994, Morsay Medical Pain & Arthritis Center has been providing residents of Rockford, IL pain relief with effective non-surgical pain management solutions for everything from chronic back and neck pain to work and extremity injuries.

Morsay Medical specializes in three major medical disciplines which makes us a multidisciplinary clinic. Our team of medical doctors, and physical therapist combine their experience and expertise to provide the most comprehensive injury care and pain management treatment programs available in the Rockford area. Our medical facility is comfortable, clean, and fully equipped with a complete physical therapy suite and state of the art medical equipment.

Each of our doctors and medical staff make it a priority to make you feel like you’re our only patient. This one-on-one care is the foundation of each treatment program because you only know how to describe your symptoms. Listening to your feedback combined with our advanced techniques and procedures will optimize your care and get you relief.

Personalized healthcare in an environment that will inspire your confidence and trust.

  • The latest proven pain management techniques to reduce pain and restore strength and mobility
  • Revolutionary MEDX treatment for back and neck pain
  • A wide range of equipment and therapeutic modalities including spinal decompression and viscosupplementation
  • Compassionate and attentive care from experienced physical therapists
  • Convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule, including Saturdays
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Network Facility
  • Worker’s compensation as well as many other insurance plans accepted

Come to us for prompt and effective care.  No referral or prescription necessary.

Call Morsay Medical in Rockford, IL for your free consultation: 815.397.4777